Frank & Charles Grill


It is the talk of the town.

I found myself sitting on a cute red wooden chair sharing a table with my high school friend and her family which I saw there by chance. It was a full house, group of friends, lovers and or families; everybody seems to be intrigued. The location of the store is inside a village but just a couple of blocks away from the main road. If will drive, just follow the main street of the village; if commute alight at the Puregold Taytay then ride a tricycle or from there can walk and follow the main street. You can easily locate the store at the side of the street because it is well lit plus you can not really just ignore their signage.

Photo Credit: Frank & Charles Grill FB Page

Photo Credit: Frank & Charles Grill FB Page

The place have this Southern American vibe with the design and of course their products (and mainly with the store name) however it is not that big though but fully air conditioned. And then I tried their Original Burger with fries and Chocolate Rocket. The burger is quite a mouthful, can either use fork and knife or use plastic gloves if you want to use your hands which are free by the way. Also can choose from tomato ketchup, mustard and hot sauce to suit your pallet. For me I just added tomato ketchup in my burger, at first bite though I found the burger patty too peppery. The Chocolate Rocket on the other hand was for the win it was not too sweet and just right. Still looking forward for another visit. My first visit was a year ago when they recently opened, now they will be offering new Menu with Filipino dishes.




For more info about Frank and Charles visit their Facebook Page.


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