Come home to Casa San Pablo

Casa San Pablo B&B is run by husband and wife Mr. Boots and Mrs. An Alcantara. Their fascination with bed and breakfast from their previous travels made them turn their family compound into their own B&B. And they want to share the same experience to the people who visit their hometown.

A place for the artsy. Get in touch with your artsy side and experience making terracotta clay storyteller dolls. Facilitated by a clay artisan, writer and innkeeper Mrs. An Mercado-Alcantara herself. These Casa San Pablo storyteller dolls were inspired by clay figures by Native American pueblo artisans. “Storytellers are clay figures telling stories, they capture people telling stories. A classic form of that is where a major figure is telling a story, and the small figures are listeners. So there’s a storyteller and there are listeners because a story only comes alive in the ears of the listeners.” explains by Ms. An. “When I first saw that genre I fell in love with it. I thought it’s very Pinoy. What I’m doing now in Casa San Pablo is translating it to Filipino stories.” expounds further by Ms. An.


A place for recreation. Whether for a romantic getaway, long weekend with the family or even a team building with your workmates they have got you covered. A room for two up to eighteen people in a room can be accommodated in this bed and breakfast inn. Go swimming, play frisbee, and make use of teambuilding facilities.


A place for foodies. In house resto.

Great stories, cool ambiance and good food, await you at Casa San Pablo. So book now!

My visit was sponsored by Department of Tourism Calabarzon.


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