Where2Go: Regina RICA

A place where being a pilgrim and eco-tourist meets.

Holy Week is highly observed here in our country, since majority of our people are Catholics not to mention we are the only Catholic country in our region. Having said that, during this time we showcase our faith by doing such religious practices in order to profess our devotion to our religion.

For some, it’s the time to reflect, for some it’s the time to travel. But there are some places or practices where we can do both and it’s not that bad to do both. Like Vista Iglesia or to visit Catholic churches and pray the rosary or Via Crusis (Station of the Cross). I, myself is a Catholic and a tourist, and last year I had an opportunity to visit Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia popularly known as Regina RICA in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal.

Situated in Sierra Madre Mountains, this place is so solemn, peaceful and abundant.

Goers have to climb a hill to reach the statue of Regina Rosarii then light candles and say prayers.


They also have a Chapel and Stations of the Cross; which gave way to five hundred thousand visitors (imagine, half a million people) during last year’s Maundy Thursday alone.

A place so solemn I had a hard time taking photos, coz I might disturb the peacefulness of everyone.


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