The Force is with Victoria Court [UPDATED]

Awaken the Force at the Victoria Court Space Wars Launch

Over the years whenever we pass by Pasig area, the young me was drawn into a signage of a sketched face of an Asian woman with her index finger pressed on her lips. Being drawn to it for the reason of Japanese art. I love art and that logo looks like a Japanese sketch to me. Little do I know it’s a logo of a property which is Victoria Court, who’s in a tabooed business industry here in the Philippines which is Motel or Motor Hotel.

Let’s define Motel / Motor Hotel, according to Merriam Webster dictionary it means,

“an establishment which provides lodging and parking and in which the rooms are usually accessible from an outdoor parking area”

Sounds pretty decent right? It’s just that we, Filipinos are so called conservatives, gave it another meaning. Tied it to shortime time sexcapade and prostitution which resulted to tabooing the Motel industry in general. Even gave it a code name, “biglang liko” (or “sudden turn” whenever a car would enter the Motel property) very clever.

Now, Victoria Court managed to innovate and transformed from a tabooed Motel to a Boutique Motor Hotel. And tonight is the unveiling of the newest addition to their thematic rooms, The Space Wars at Victoria Court Canley.


On my way to the event, it poured so hard and was wondering if the event will push through, so I went to Ortigas area to run some errands first. Then when I got confirmation that yes it’s a go I decided to use Grab to avoid the hassle of public transport on a rainy afternoon, not to mention the taxi queue was like forever!

So here’s the fun part, when I filled up the form for a Grab car I got second look from Grab people. Probably coz of (1) the destination, (2) I was alone and (3) I look really young, like below legal age young (see how people can be judgemental at times well ok maybe I’m the one who’s being judgemental haha). Then after a few minutes my ride arrived, I boarded the car and seated at the back seat but in retrospect I should’ve seated in the passenger seat coz my driver was a bae (hihi 😍 ). He was asking me for directions however I seldom go in that area, only when my friends and I hangout at a resto mananged by my friend’s dad which is at Hillcrest Drive and most of the time on her birthday only, so we agreed to use Waze to help us out and avoid traffic. And yes in just a jiffy I was at the venue already 30 minutes before the call time. Well it’s better early than late.

For starters, here’s the Victoria Court’s loot bag.

Behold, let’s start the suite tour!


Upon entering the suite you’ll be greeted by 3D printed props plus robes which you can use at the premises to really get into Space Wars vibe. image

Then onto the next part, the infinity floor, with the iconic light swords and windows with space view. image


Here, Victoria Court’s Director of Sales and Marketing Ms. Tanya, demonstrating that it’s 100% safe to step onto the infinity floors and behind her is Architect Mark who conceptualized and made this thematic room possible.

Further into the suite, spaceship cockpit with real controllers with sound effects. 🚀


The bedroom which has a view of the galaxy when lights are off.

And the Jacuzzi.

You can also check out the Brand Ambassadors of Victoria Court, Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles’  video tour inside the suite.

And it’s not just the room that’s inspired by Space Wars but also the food! 🍴 image

Conceptualized by their renowned Chefs, here’s a sneak peak of their Menu. image

This suite is a total SPACE WARS experience whether for private use or a party!!! 🚀 🚀 🚀

And to top off the event everyone were called outside, good thing it did not rain any more;

For some live entertainment by Alab Poi Dancers.




All you senses will surely be awaken at Victoria Court. So what are you waiting for? Book now at Victoria Court. Or follow ’em on social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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