Three Years, Three Cheers: Regional Lunches of Madrid Fusión Manila in Photos

Madrid Fusion Manila

Highlights of Madrid Fusión Manila 2017 Regional Lunches.

I´ve heard of this foodie event back in 2015, since I was working at a company, wherein my boss was also a business partner of the company who handled the first Madrid Fusión Manila yet I didn´t go. But this year I had a chance to go, thanks to gastronomybyjoy and experienced not only the International Gastronomy Congress, International Gastronomy Expo but also the Regional Lunches.

International Gastronomy Congress, where award winning chefs shared their views and techniques in cooking; the International Gastronomy Expo which featured the finest food products and gourmet food, ingredients and technologies from Asia and Spain; and the Regional Lunch where our local chefs, restaurateurs, business owners and farmers showcased our local and indigenous produce for a hearty lunch. Each day featured a region, Day 1, Luzon: Rice; Day 2, Visayas: Nose to tail and Day 3, Mindanao: Corn.

Made it to Day 1 and Day 3 and here are the highlights.

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