Rediscover Being a Filipino at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

Calabarzon area is known for the coconut haciendas. And growing up in Southern Tagalog, I was a little exposed to villa life. Coconut trees and hacienda festivities are part of our identity in this region. Having to visit Villa Escudero made me rediscover being a Filipino in Southern Tagalog.

The entrance to the Villa is just right after the welcome arch from San Pablo City and before the entrance of Hacienda Escudero.

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Long weekend lunch be like, lunch at the foot of a waterfall. Over the years, @villa_escudero is known for their restaurant at the foot of a waterfall. Buffet style dining, serving Filipino cuisine while soaking your feet in the cool waters of Labasin River. This is probably the most iconic offering of the Villa. Today, the Villa has more to present that's why it's worth re-visiting! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #villaescudero #filipinofood #filipinocuisine #travel #idyll #rustic #countryside #weekendvibes #travelgram #weekend #solotraveler #instatravel #instapic #itsmorefuninthephilippines #generosepomelo #foodporn #foodie #quezon #cuisine #heirloomdishes #eat #waterfallrestaurant #mmphmoveonsaquezon

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As what we all grew up with, Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant is a place where we all can gather at a foot of a waterfall, soak our feet in the cool water of Labasin River and eat sumptuous Filipino buffet lunch with people we consider family. It still is, but with added perks that are somewhat ‚Äčnationalistic as¬†Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort¬†depicts post colonial life of the Tagalog.

Pandanggo sa Ilaw , Lubang Island, Mindoro
Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group
Tinikling dance from (Waray) Leyte
Linggisan is a Samal-Tausug dance.

On August 15th, got a chance to witness a captivating performance by Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group [ROFG] at the Coconut Pavillion in Villa Escudero. Ramon Obusan was a beloved National Artist for Dance, his passion in Philippine dance and cultural work are pretty much alive in every performance of ROFG.  And Villa Escudero is the perfect venue for such cultural showcase.

BLTB Co. bus
Novelty sculpture of Filipino folklore
Real WWII bomber plane.

Villa Escudero Hydroelectric Powerplant

Their own chapel at the Villa.
Villa’s in-house museum.

On board, their BLTB Co. bus or a carabao cart (and or an e-jeepney), learn about history thru art installations, artifacts around the resort also its in-house museum.

Casa Consuelo, an ancestral house from Pampangga.
Cafè Indigo

Even restored houses like Casa Consuelo and Cafè Indigo.

“The museum’s facade was modeled to the defunct San Francisco Church in Intramuros.”¬†

Up close and personal with Don Ado at Cafè Indigo.

“I borrowed the blue print from the architect, who’s a friend of mine then changed it a bit.” Don Conrado “Ado” Escudero explained to us when asked why it looked like a church while having afternoon snacks.

Inside the museum. The altar was the original Altar of Quiapo Church.

Religious sketch art but not just a sketch, it’s the text of the New Testament. And this one really blew me away.

Since most of the artifacts are religious ones, the church was a fit.

Guests can rent a bike to go around the Villa.
Go bamboo rafting.
Adult pool and Jacuzzi.
Kiddie pool

And it’s not all work at the Villa, guests can go biking, rafting and swimming.

Most rooms don’t have AC but it’s cool and fresh.

Now, if a day is not enough, feel free to stay a night or two. They have cottages that can sleep in 2-4 in a room or a group villa with full board meals. Well, I stayed for two nights.

I admit, only knew little about Villa Escudero before setting a foot in this 40 hectares resort. But in my three days of stay, I learned and re-discovered a lot. The place, the food, and the people are genuinely Filipino.

So, how to go here?

Drive: Take Maharlika Highway bound to Lucena City then the Villa’s entrance is on the left side of the highway right after the Welcome to Quezon arch from San Pablo City. ETA 2 hours from Metro Manila.

Commute: Take a bus from either Cubao Terminal or Buendia Terminal bound to Lucena City then advice the driver or conductor to stop at Villa Escudero’s gate entrance.

Disclaimer: My visit was sponsored by the said company. All views and opinions are my own. Received freebies and only reimbursed for transportation expenses, no other monetary compensation involved.

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34 thoughts on “Rediscover Being a Filipino at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

  1. I love history, museums and pink is my favorite color. And there is a pink museum in this resort – enough for me to visit the place. Nevertheless, the nature is absolutely remarkable and I would love to finally try bamboo rafting. Thank you for a great and useful review!

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  2. what a great adventure! I love the idea of having picnic tables in the shallow waters, how fun! Each photo looks amazing and is giving me the travel itch ; ) I’m glad you have this opportunity and I hope to some day in the future… thanks for the heads up on the Filipino resort!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I guess Villa Escudero has pretty much everything from food to scenery to even history and even hope. I like that they have a museum to offer a glimpse of our history. And I like the hope the place gives to visitors and workers alike. I’ve noticed the many workers Villa escudero employs and through the place, they could bring food at their table and feed their family.

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