5 Must Try Classic Filipino Snacks Only at Villa Escudero 😋 – Updated

In addition to the famous Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero offers mouth watering classic Filipino snacks that would make you re-discover being a Filipino.

5. Sinukmani or Biko

Sinukmani, biko

Biko is the more popular name of this Filipino native delicacy. Made from sticky rice, coconut cream and sugar then topped with caramelized coconut cream or latik. And what makes this sinukmani at the Villa special? It’s the generous amount of coconut cream that goes into every serving. “Fifty coconuts were used for this woven tray of sinukmani!” exclaimed by Chef Cocoy.

4. SGD Coffee with Balikutsa

Admit it, we are a cofee nation. We drink coffee whenever we have a chance and a custom to offer coffee to guests. At the Villa, guests can get a taste of the Villa’s own blend of SGD Coffee. SGD is the only homegrown Philippine coffee that won the Medaille Gourmet during the 3rd International Contest of Coffees Roasted in their Countries of Origin held in Paris last 28th of June. And to make it more Filipino, they offer balikutsa or molasses pulled candy as the sweetener. I first knew about balikutsa when I was in Abra a couple of years ago, and it was really sweet, even sweeter than tira-tira or candied muscovado or brown sugar with coconut milk. But this lovely treat is from Ilocos and more on the nutty taste.

3. Ginumis

Ginumis is probably the early version of the Filipino dessert, halo-halo (mix-mix) only that at the Villa, they serve it without crushed/shaved ice.

2. Sorbet and Ice Cream

This was really a surprise for me, never thought they are making their own sorbet and ice cream! Sampinit or wild berries are abundant in mountainous areas, as the ingredient for their sorbet and ice cream at the Villa, they get it in Mt. Cristobal and Banahaw.

1. Pancit Buko( Stir Fried Coconut Strips )

The meat of a young coconut is stripped like noodles. Surprisingly, the coconut strip was very subtle did not realise it was actually the coconut. Still puzzled on how it would taste? Well, head on to Villa Escudero then!

Note: These snacks are not available on a regular basis and need to be requested before hand. Also, some of these dishes may be available elsewhere, but these are the Villa Escudero’s take on these classic snacks.

Cover photo (12 o’clock then clockwise) Ginumis, Turon with Langka and Ube, Lumpiang Ubod and Puto’t Dinuguan.


Disclaimer: My visit was sponsored by the said company. All views and opinions are my own. Received freebies and only reimbursed for transportation expenses, no other monetary compensation involved.

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11 thoughts on “5 Must Try Classic Filipino Snacks Only at Villa Escudero 😋 – Updated

  1. What is Balikutsa? It’s the first time I heard about it! I would love to try the Pancit Buko because I love coconut! Have you trie Sinigang where they use coconut water for the soup? That’s my all time favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m now more excited to go to Villa Escudero! I don’t think you’ll need cold ginumis here because the water from the falls is said to be pretty cold. I’d love to try this with a side of coffee.. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t tried all of the foods you mentioned. I’ve always known Villa Escudero for its waterfalls dining. I didn’t even know na they also offer unaique foods. I’m not into coffee but the other 3 looks so good especially yung ice cream!


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