The City of San Pablo Celebrates The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

October seventh is the feast day of the Our Lady of the Rosary, a special day for rosary devotees, like the Escuderos.

Last Friday, I got a call invite for the said event and right after I said yes, I was taken back to my high school days. I studied in a catholic school at that time and every Tuesdays and Thursdays, everyone would pray the rosary during the morning ceremony. And the month of October was probably one of the busiest month due to these religious activities. I remember there were novena masses and procession for important feast days such as the feast day of the Our Lady of the Rosary.

The Escudero family, being advocates of Filipino traditions led this event by presenting the most precious statue of Nuestra Señora del Rosario de San Pablo with everyone in the City of San Pablo.

Its parts were made from ivory then its accessories and halo were made from melted silver and gold coins. These coins were a collection of Don Placido Escudero, the head of the family. However, Doña Claudia Marasigan, his wife had something better in mind, perhaps had those melted for the Our Lady of the Rosary. The family’s vast collection of religious items and images as I have seen in their museum and private homes, is a reflection of their strong catholicism. Thus, the Villa is a place where traditions are preserved and shared with the people in the vicinity of the plantation plus with the guests at the resort.

“Sadly nowadays, the education of our children is not embedded with religious instructions and traditions, so we decided to continue the devotion to the Our Lady of the Rosary.” – Don Conrado Arsenio Escudero or Don Ado.

Though, my high school days weren’t that long ago, the devotion and the praying of the rosary with the young ones today are not fully exercised even at their own homes. I believe, good education should start at home. Same as how Doña Claudia instilled the devotion to the whole family.

This somewhat forgotten tradition, celebrating the feast day of the Our Lady of the Rosary, with everyone in town was revived last year. Despite the unenthusiastic reply when Don Ado brought up the idea to the parish priest due to the dying devotion of the people to the Our Lady of the Rosary. But then, all schools in town joined in. People even donated almost seven thousand rosaries and snacks. It was a pretty successful celebration.

This year, they decided to go with a rally for peace theme. A very timely call to action from all of us, with what’s happening in our nation and to the whole world. It would not hurt anyone to ask for peace and we are stronger together.

Commemorating a special tradition and praying for world peace should not just be a one day event, but, to be part of our everyday way of life.

Disclaimer: My visit was part of a press trip sponsored by the Department of Tourism Region 4-A Calabarzon. All views and opinions are my own. Received freebies but no money involved.

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