The Agila EKsperience at the Enchanted Kingdom

Agila, Enchanted Kingdom

Have you ever thought of how is it to be like an Agila? And to fly over the 7000 plus beautiful islands of the Philippines. Guess what? You can at the Enchanted Kingdom!

Agila: The EKsperience is the newest addition to the fun and exciting activities we all love at the Enchanted Kingdom. This EKsperience will take you to greater heights like an eagle through its 544-square meter screen which is known to be the largest in Southeast Asia today. In six minutes, you’ll soar high and feel the tropical breeze amidst the mountain tops and can also swing against the bodies of water. Definitely an elevated way of traversing the Philippines! By this on a high EKsperience, the Enchanted Kingdom shares their high praise of our lovely country.

Wanna try this? Why not bring your friends and family this weekend. Avail the Enchanted Kingdom’s Ride-All-You-Can with Agila: The EKsperience pass via TravelBookPH. By the way, you can now book this activity on the TravelBookPH’s IOS app. Don’t forget your handy Friend Code 1680. Discounted rates await so hurry and book now!

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One thought on “The Agila EKsperience at the Enchanted Kingdom

  1. This is something interesting actually, especially for people who love nature. I guess, I’m one of those people. It’s very interesting to look and watch eagles fly around and of course mingle with the humans and also their fellow eagles. If I were given a chance to be with them, I will totally love it!

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