Capture the Earth’s Wonders with A Paper Camera

We are all guilty of taking photos while traveling, right? But would you trade your plastic camera with a paper camera?

Who would have thought that there’s such a thing as a paper camera? But there really is one and I was able to try it. This camera was a brainchild of a Taiwanese-born guy, George Lin. His passion is photography and had the vision to share it with everyone in a more “approachable” way. He transformed his childhood dreams into a reality, equipped with memories of using stone paper to make functional products and basic electronics. And Paper Shoot was born.

“My first step to change the world is to create digital Paper Shoot cameras. A good camera must be able to capture all the happy moments in life.” – George Lin, Creator, Paper Shoot

What’s a stone paper you ask? Here’s a brief video tutorial by a company who produces one.

A Paper Shoot camera starter kit comes with an exterior casing made out of stone paper with a ring. A camera that can take 5mp photos. 1 micro USB cable, 1 paper strap, 2 brass fasteners, an 8 GB SD Card and two AAA batteries.

Size and Weight:
Length: 106 mm
Width: 66 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Weight: 80 g (including batteries)

Technical Specs:
ISO: 100
Lens focal length: 35mm
Aperture: f/2.8
50cm ~ ∞: Minimum shooting distance
With automatic exposure compensation for white balance
Up to 300 shots with 2 AAA Alkaline cells.
*Can upgrade to wide lens and fisheye lens.

Up to 32GB SD card supported

Photo effects:

Normal /Black & White / Sepia / Blue

I am a self-confessed shutterbug. I love taking snaps whether using a film camera, DSLR and or mobile. Name it, I’d capture precious moments with it. Then, last October, I had a chance to try out a camera made out of paper. My first reaction was, “Wait, what? A create your own camera made from paper? Really?!” It was my first time to hear that there’s such a camera like it. In my disbelief, I accepted to take it for a shoot.

So I went on a hiking trip and used Paper Shoot to photograph my travel. But really, when I got it, I wasn’t quite sure on how to use it since it doesn’t have an LCD screen and with only two little-LED lights to indicate if it’s on or off, battery life and whether you got the shot or still loading. Talk about being used to digital and mobile. So I was just clicking my way into our hike. Hoping I captured at least one decent photo.

While at it, I realized the beauty of it. I got the feels of shooting with a film camera due to lack of LCD screen yet snaps could be downloaded instantaneously with the SD card. Also, I loved that it’s lightweight compared to a DSLR even with some camera phones. And small that it can easily fit in a pouch. And of course, it’s eco-friendly!

Though some restrictions came in handy. Due to its earth-friendly feature, exposure to water, including rain, moisture, dripping or splashing is strictly prohibited. Even with excessive vibration, force, or pressure. So I definitely had a hard time using it while hiking since I didn’t want for it to break or something.

A few days after the hike, I took it with me on a road trip from Rizal to Laguna. I really wanted to test it under good natural lighting, unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. Still, tried to stretch what a 5-megapixel camera could. Nonetheless, I’d definitely love to take it for a shoot again.

Paper Shoot appeals to people who like a simple, low-maintenance yet imaginative camera. So, would you make the switch?

Disclaimer: My hiking trip was sponsored and was asked to use the said camera during the trip. All views and opinions are my own.

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