The Price of Sustainability: Boracay Will Be Exclusive and Expensive

Just days before the sought after reopening of “one of the best islands in the world” after being on hiatus for the last six months, due to its “smelly problem,” the island will be open to only a few and with a hefty price tag. And party island no more.

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Since the island’s closure, it has gone under major rehabilitation. Roads were reconstructed, unwanted structures along the beach were demolished and the drainage and sewer system on the island were overhauled. And starting Friday, October 26, 2018, Boracay will accept up to 19,000 daily tourists on the island across all market. The ticket to enter? A confirmed reservation with any compliant/accredited accommodation on the island. But with strict laws, like the banning of any structure and vendor, also eating, drinking and smoking, plus fire dancers who use kerosene and parties at the beach, single-use plastics utensils and packaging, and water activities are also temporarily banned. Sandcastles and fireworks will also be regulated. And to make sure these restrictions are implemented, the Boracay Interagency Task Force (BIATF) was created.

Where to stay?

To date, a total of 378 establishments accounting to 14,021 rooms,  were compliant with all of the government’s requirements in order to operate. Most of these accommodations are high-end resorts. Not to mention, some establishments admitted they had to increase room rates to compensate for the repairs. Talk about paying the price. List here.

In this case, the island’s patrons like expats, foreign tourists, classes A and B will have the time of their lives on the island. But for the regular Juan and Maria, who could probably afford up to three stars accommodation, will have to wait a little longer. As Boracay will be fully operational by 2020 since the past six months was just the initial phase of the rehabilitation.

My Take Away

As I’ve said before, Boracay is overrated. However, it’s due to commercialism and over tourism on the island. Strip all of those, then it is definitely a paradise! Rustic, raw and pristine beauty all in one place. Yet during the dry run a week before the re-opening, we’ve got a long way to go. Please put trash in its proper place. Don’t fake documents. Also, don’t sell rooms if the establishment is not yet accredited. We all can do better than this.

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