ArtSector Gallery, the Newest Cradle of Arts in Binangonan, Rizal

ArtSector Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360 Binangonan

Art and nature therapy in one place. 

Nestled on top of the hilly part of Binangonan is the newest cradle of arts in Rizal. It’s the dream property of the multi-awarded visual artist and owner, Antonio Leaño. It has a 360° view of Binangonan, but it’s steep with rocky terrain. Instead, it became his inspiration for the design of the property. Originally planned to be a family rest house, yet another dream of his suits it better.

Overlooking view of the Laguna Lake at ArtSectot Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360


Mesmerized by the overlooking views from Antipolo city, Tony, as he’s referred to, moved to the city in 1978. Since then, he’s been looking for a property with equally, if not more breath-taking views to be his own. He searched from brokers and buy-and-sell advertisements despite the limited funds. He also looked around Antipolo and nearby towns with high elevation in the Rizal province. Come, 2017, he came across a property with a 360° picturesque view of the distant cityscape, lake, and mountains. But, there’s a catch, it’s on top of rocky ground, and building on it would be challenging.

ArtSector Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360 Binangonan

Bricks and stones

A property that’s been passed on for its rocky terrain became the bedrock of his dreams. To Tony, the stones are God-given sculptures to build on. He’s not an architect, but his works at the Pintô Art Museum speak volumes of how he can take up the construction challenge. As a versatile visual artist, he does the whole spectrum, from installations to building and landscaping. The boulder on the property became the main design element. It’s in great contrast to the Cycladic architecture the structure has. 

The Dream

A place with a view that he can call his own has always been Tony’s dream. It would be his family’s rest house. Yet another life-long dream of his, his own art gallery, would be a better fit. A five-level art space with breath-taking views that scream Instagram in every corner, sounds promising for patrons. And with an in-house cafe, the Chimney Café 360°, the ArtSector Gallery is worth going. 

February 1, 2020 visit


Since their opening in late 2019, art collectors, gallery-goers, and alike have been flocking from 3-10 pm. The best time would be at sunset, though. At the entrance, patrons pay the fee of ₱125 ($2.50 US), on weekdays and ₱150 ($3 US), on Fridays, weekends, and holidays at the door. Parking would be tricky as it’s only on the street. Hired transportation, both car, and motor-taxi can drop off if they take the request. Otherwise, it’s a long uphill tricycle ride either from Antipolo or Angono that ranges from ₱150-300 ($3-6 US) per way. Or explore the Rizal art scene via our all-inclusive Art Tour in Angono, Binangonan, and Antipolo. 


Mid-March of this year, this art haven wasn’t spared from closing due to the pandemic. The government then imposed a lock down and sees leisure travel as non-essential. Yet the need for open spaces through art and nature is crucial for our mental health. 

ArtSector Gallery and Chimney Café 360° is opening its doors this June onward with strict rules and shorter time. Patrons can only enter Eastridge Subdivision upon confirmation of the reservation from Tuesday – Sunday 2-6:30 pm. The entrance fee is now at ₱200 ($4 US) per person and paid upon reservation. Food orders should be placed and paid in advance too. Health protocols are also observed before and upon staying at the property, like wearing a face mask, temperature check, and social distancing. 

Starting mid-November 2020, all walk-ins, no reservations needed entrance fee at ₱200 and ₱225 on holidays ($4-5US) per person. The subdivision guard would require drivers to submit a photo ID upon entering, then claim it after presenting a ticket from ArtSector. For the latest bulletin visit, ArtSector Gallery page.

The Chimney Café 360° review here.


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