Weekend Wrap Up – MNL Craft Beer Oktoberfest 2022

Craft beer has ever intrigued me. I have always loved the idea of traditional, independent, and small brewing. Brewers put time and effort into developing the method and taste, producing a variety of flavors and unique tastes. A bottle or pint of craft beer is a break from domestic beers. So when I heard about a craft beer event in 2018, the MNL Craft Beer Festival, off we went.

I was lured by a brewer in my neighboring city of Antipolo, the Santiago Brewery & Malthouse. Their very catchy beer names: are Habagat, Amihan, Buhawi, and Ipu-ipo. And Tarsier Wheat Beer (cute label design, too!) by Crazy Carabao Brewing Co. of Laguna. And who would’ve thought the iconic “bulul” of the Ifugaos as a brewery name, the Bulul Brewery of Pampanga? Those were just a few of the fun, quirky, and indigenous Filipino beers.


Then a couple of more festivals, I discovered more craft beers. The comeback event in June was a blast. Another one after a few months felt wicked. Hello, Octoberfest 2022!

We attended the second day this time instead of the usual opening day. We avoided Friday payday, yet traffic flow has always surprised me on Saturdays. What do you know? We’re starving upon arrival. Pizza and beer it is. The weather cleared and gave way to a muti-star venue, the Greenfield District Mayflower St., perfect.

It was nice to see craft beer festival regular brewers like Bulul, Crows Craft Brewing & Distilling Co., Elias Wicked Ales & Spirits, Katipunan Craft Ales/PCK, Mitchell’s Backyard Brewery, Nipa Brew, Sagada Craft Brewery, Weekend Craft Ales. And new ones, Beer Bunny, Gypsy Brewing Guild, Jade’s Temple Microbrewery, Palm Tree Abbey, Bellas Brujas Rak ‘en Roll, The Marc’s & Tony Brewing Co. Three Bulls Craft Beer and Brewery, and Treeline Ales!

A couple of hours always seemed so little. We were able to try new flavors (our new fav, Calamansi beer from Treeline Ales), yet looking forward to the next beer fest! Same spot, same and new beers, cheers!


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Filipina travel agent turn travel writer / blogger / photographer.

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