gin pomelo

Gin Pomelo 101

Gin pomelo is probably the most popular cocktail in the Philippines. So popular a local band even turned it into an infamous song with the same title. But do we know its origin? Gin was believed to be originally an herbal medicine due to its key ingredient, juniper berries. Then, it evolved to a distilled … Continue reading Gin Pomelo 101

Vigan Pottery Art

Top Eats in Vigan City

Walking around Vigan is very pleasing to the eyes. Its streets boast intricate architecture plus so much history. Yet one's curiosity isn’t the only thing that’s filled while in Vigan city, also your stomach! I’ve dedicated this post for your tummy needs while in Vigan! Cafe Leona Mena Crisologo Street, Plaza Burgos, Vigan City, Ilocos … Continue reading Top Eats in Vigan City

Wawa Dam, Rodriguez, Rizal, Bernardo Carpio

Bridging the Energy Gap: Sitio Anipa, San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal

One liter of light at a time. Growing up in Rizal province, I’ve heard legends about the town of Rodriguez, formerly Montalban, which is said to be a Spanish contraction of the words, “Monte Alba” or “white mountain.” These tales were about Bernardo Carpio and the town’s limestone mountains. One of the well-known versions of … Continue reading Bridging the Energy Gap: Sitio Anipa, San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal