Weekend Wrap Up – MNL Craft Beer Oktoberfest 2022

Craft beer has ever intrigued me. I have always loved the idea of traditional, independent, and small brewing. Brewers put time and effort into developing the method and taste, producing a variety of flavors and unique tastes. A bottle or pint of craft beer is a break from domestic beers. So when I heard aboutContinue reading “Weekend Wrap Up – MNL Craft Beer Oktoberfest 2022”

What Everyone Must Know About the 2022 Philippine Craft Beer Festival

“This is our comeback festival event since the pandemic and we are very excited to showcase NEW brewers in the line up”, says MNL Beerfest Event Director, Cherry Genato In celebration of National Independence Day, Philippine Craft Beer Community is hosting a three-day event that highlights the flavor and diversity of local craft beer. TheContinue reading “What Everyone Must Know About the 2022 Philippine Craft Beer Festival”

Lent and Iftar, in one healthy feast at The Manila Hotel’s M Takeout

Lent and Ramadan are two different solemn practices by two respective religions with distinct observance. Fasting, reflection, prayer, and community. And sticking to one’s fast while staying healthy is made easy with The Manila Hotel’s M Takeout meals.