gin pomelo

Gin Pomelo 101

Gin pomelo is probably the most popular cocktail in the Philippines. So popular a local band even turned it into an infamous song with the same title. But do we know its origin? Gin was believed to be originally an herbal medicine due to its key ingredient, juniper berries. Then, it evolved to a distilled … Continue reading Gin Pomelo 101

Banayad Whiskey, cocktail

Banayad Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Coco Whiskey

After going on a quest to find the real Banayad Whiskey, it is time to go mixing drinks! Banayad Whiskey is actually lambanog or distilled coconut sap, 40% alcohol or 80 proof per bottle. It got it’s name from a movie scene which made it infamous. Blended to be the “smoothest” or banayad lambanog. And … Continue reading Banayad Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Coco Whiskey