Cainta, Rizal’s SumBingTik Festival

A relatively small municipality but the richest one amongst all towns in the Philippines, also the gateway to the East is the sweet urbanized suburb of Cainta, Rizal. Let’s uncover its humble history. And unfold their rich secrets, flavor-wise and business-wise, with their savory festivities.

Unearthing the Legend of Bernardo Carpio in Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal

Earth shattering and deafening noise of colliding rocks were seldom heard in the mountains of San Mateo. It’s said to be caused by someone with enormous footprints along the riverbanks, a giant named Bernardo Carpio. A story any kid would remember while living in the province of Rizal. I recently visited Rodriguez and the storyContinue reading “Unearthing the Legend of Bernardo Carpio in Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal”