I am a twenty something Filipina  foodie  solo traveler  who takes photo of a meal at a place. 😋 ✈ 📷  Probably wondering why generosepomelo? Well, whenever I introduce myself to people, they associate my first name to gin, yes the alcoholic drink. And in the Philippines, gin + pomelo is a cocktail. 🍸

Together with my second name, I decided to go with the PUNny site name.

Aside from being a foodie, I also love taking snaps. I got into it when I tagged along Sir George Tapan in some of his many travels. I met Sir George at a basic photography class he curated at the National Museum of the Philippines. I was one of the lucky participants who got selected. Then on our second day, the shoot, he asked me to wear a traditional T’boli top to join in the models. Next thing you know, I joined him traveling around the country. I learned a lot not just about photography, but, more of our country during these travels.

Inspired to take photography, solo traveling and being a foodie on another level, I’m currently eating and photographing my way around the Philippines.

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